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Question by Polycarp U: Is it true that the art of technology is by a metaphysical power?
Many students of my country have always been of the opinion that the best brain behind the invention of technology is acquired from metaphysical practices and principles. And the metaphysical powers they acclaim have excluded the christian religous belief on the arts of science and technology. Moreso these lot always argue that one cannot rise to an envious point of technological perfection if one is not initiated into any occult where transcendental or rather supernatural knowledge is achieved by stanzas of ecantations and rituals.
Infact some of the students in question have concluded that a good christian cannot know much about the mystry behind the inventionof technology and pure scientific knowledge.

Best answer:

Answer by Eugene N
Technology is a product of applied science. It has nothing to do with metaphysics.I’m sure you will find that a large percentage of the world’s patents are held by Christians especially in the US, Europe and South America where that belief prevails. In reality, I would say the students in your country have a misconception of reality. I am Christian and hold eleven patents.

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