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Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone the Game

Harry Potter now might not be considered as a children movie now, however, it really were. At least, back in time when the actors and all the topic going on around were only children! It was, a movie of introduction to the magical world in Rowling’s mind. Everything was in the way to make people say, “oh my god how beautiful it is, i wish i were there”. Therefore, it was a great way to impress children and make them happy. Therefore, most parents took their children to cinemas for this movie. Consequently, cinemas, filling up with this rabble of children just in the time when Harry Potter was going to be shown, turned the movie into the children’s movie. Though, those children, who was taken to the movies, along with the actors, now grew up. And became today’s teenagers and youngsters. Even some, adults. However, old films and old games are not yet to be forgotten!

You may or you may not know that there is a computer game for every single movie of Harry Potter. Also there are some for specific things in Harry Potter, such as quidditch world cup. Which means that there was, actually a game for Sorcerer’s Stone part of the saga too! You might have grown up, but they sure did not update the game or made a new one. So the game, is still for children, it can be said. However we should not judge harshly because remember, you were children at a time too, and you were enjoying those games! The game, is more into the book than to the movie. Which, in most ways good because the movie was actually short. There were no duel with Malfoy. Draco Malfoy, that is of course. Even that, we are only throwing explosive jelly beans on each other in the duel, it is still fun. And in some way, it might be considered as it is what it must be. Because, it is a children’s game after all. And the in character actors should not know any harmful spells at first class anyway. So, the game producers thought it was a better idea to make Harry throw exploding Jelly Beans rather than putting a hundred hole in Malfoy’s body with a machine gun. So, something with level of violence is zero, supposedly shall prove way better. However, there are extraordinary perils awaiting for harry, which is given the impression as its something quite normal. Interesting creatures keep attacking us and we know only few, or to be more precise, just one, to fend them off. The other part is about solving paradoxes. Which button should we press in order to open the door? Which block of stone should we use our spell which probably you all would remember from the book, Wingardium Leviosa, to levitate, in order to get the bridge set, for us to pass?

Even that it is more oriented on the book, there are of course things beyond it either. However, we should excuse it because if they made everything just like in the book, there would be nothing to play. Instead, we are to do things on our own in an adventure, guiding harry from one fight to another and reaching the goals. This way, we are the one who actually earns the school cup of the year. That of course, goes to Gryffindor!

Samantha White is developing adventure games for free online games since 2000.

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