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Hi everyone, we are Year 3 Trimester 1 Public Relations students from UTAR, Kampar campus. As one of our assignments this semester, we were required to remake a video and we chose Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie trailer. This video was shot in Kellie’s Castle, Kampar train station and several locations in our campus. Please view and support our video, which we created ourselves from scratch (including the effects, which we have never learn before in any of our classes), except for the “flashing words in between the video” which is taken from the original trailer video. And also, special thanks Mr. Yek Wei Jian, who consented to guest act in our video. Thank you very much for your support. Have a nice day….

*** EXPAND FOR RECIPES AND MORE INFO *** This video covers how to use Alchemy to make worthwhile poisons and potions to increase Destruction magic damage, putting it closer to par with the strength of melee weapons in this game. It might seem out of sorts to use poisoning as a caster, but the increase in damage makes it worth your time. If you don’t want to mess with archery, you can also use melee weapons for poisoning. Pickpocket for poisons is possible in some situations, but I have found it to be largely ineffective for the encounters that you’d need this. *** At the very least, use Fortify Destruction potions to increase the damage of all of your destruction spells, even if you don’t want to mess with poisons. **** Links below: Getting started with tradeskills in Skyrim video guide: The best resource for any Skyrim Alchemist: Worthwhile Recipes for tactics shown in this video: Magic Weakness + Damage Stamina Creep Cluster + Skeever Tail + Jazbay Grapes Magic Weakness + Slow Creep Cluster + Deathbell + Salt Pile Poison Weakness + Shock Weakness Deathbell + Giant Lichen + Bee (adds stamina damage) Deathbell + Giant Lichen + Void salts (adds poison damage) Poison Weakness + Slow Deathbell + Bleeding Crown + Salt Pile Fortify Destruction with Shock Resist Glow Dust + Glowing Mushroom Thread with lots of great Skyrim build information, including some information on tactics in this video: Please leave a thumbs up if this
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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37 Responses to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Trailer [Full HD – By UTAR Students].flv

  • xIReAcTiionSx says:

    @pms00 i just used dragonrend, the second he landed? i timed it. killed him in about 11 1/2 seconds.

  • pms00 says:

    @xIReAcTiionSx – magicka free casting still won’t increase your damage. i’d? paypal to see a video of you killing the dragon in this video in 10 seconds on master.

  • xIReAcTiionSx says:

    @pms00 I have 4 peices of armor with 25% less cost for destruction spells on each item…. each spell is free…? i just daul cast the expert level fireball really fast, 10 seconds is more than enough on master

  • 1brokenarm says:

    1. Where? did you get shock? I can’t find it anywhere! 2. How did you use both hands in the beginning then go PEW! onto the dragon? xD please reply

  • Markle6 says:

    Did he mention (Red Mountain Flower + Nightshade + Ectoplasm)? … nice potion to make EVERYTHING go boom

  • slip9906 says:

    @Ludlium hey i really would like to know what you are talkin about!!!!! how can i increase my? destruciton damge with out the use of posion and arrows. that would be really really and really nice to know

  • mikelae19 says:

    There are so many buffs too melee and bows in the skill trees, blacksmithing,? and item enchantments but the only thing you get is a +50% modifier for destruction magic. So Lame. Did they even test their game on master difficulty.

  • zacharyst0ne says:

    I just made some destruction potions that add over 10,000% damage… too bad I only got twelve? of them. Anyone know an easy way to get dozens of glow dust or ectoplasm?

  • pms00 says:

    @Ludlium – 10 seconds on master difficulty? i’d? like to see how without debuffing first.

  • Ludlium says:

    Lol, just don’t do all this stuff? Takes alot of time making potions.. Then u have to shoot arrows which takes? time… U can kill an Elder dragon in like 10 secs with destruction… No potions used

  • crazymaku says:

    Damn destruction? is so useless in masters if you’re going hybrid without marksman!!!

  • pms00 says:

    @airjosh5231 – you have to kill 2 people that you have completed a quest for – it can? be anyone, even misc. objectives that you have done. every two is an upgrade.

    i found it to be not worth it.

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