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Bringing the MAGIC back into the Bedroom

Unlike what some people may tell you, sex is no longer the taboo subject that it used to be and is really not something that anyone should be intimidated by.  While it may be considered natural for sex to take a back seat to other responsibilities or that sex with the same person would be boring over time, that does not need to the case. Growing older doesn’t have to limit your excitement, your sensuality, or your orgasms. In fact, you may actually find that bringing the magic back into the bedroom is easier than you expected and a heck of a lot more fun.

Here are a few ways that you can increase your sensuality, on top of using a female enhancement product that can help you bring the magic back into the bedroom.

Communicate Openly

To relight that fire between you and your partner it is important to talk about sex and find more ways to discuss your fantasies and communicate more openly about a number of other topics.

With fewer barriers it will be easier to throw your inhibitions out the window and become more intimate within the bedroom, or any room.

Focus on Foreplay

Unfortunately, it can be prove to be rather easy to neglect foreplay as we age and become more comfortable with one another. Both you and your partner should do your best to remember the importance of foreplay and how much sensuality it can release. Also try to make foreplay something that occurs far more often than just a few minutes before intercourse, as it can begin with a long kiss in the morning, sexy messages to one another throughout the day, and all sorts of suggestive wording and interactions.

There’s More Out There than Missionary

While it may seem obvious to suggest that you and your partner try new positions, you may be surprised to learn that this is a suggestion that many couples don’t pay attention to. It is far easier to get stuck in a rut than you imagine, but realizing that there is far more fun to be had is more than worth the effort. Try experimenting with new positions you can research online or even try and mimic positions suggested in Cosmo or even Maxim. Sure some of them may not work out, but the ones that do could leave you all warm and tingly in no time.

Finish Together

Finding a way to orgasm together often proves to be easier than expected for a lot of couples and can be wildly satisfying. If you find yourself close to orgasm thanks to new positions, your female enhancement product, and your partner’s ability, then give him warning and tell him that you want to finish at the same time. By doing so both you and your partner will feel more sensitive as the moment becomes far more intimate and intense.

Once you accomplish simultaneous climax, you are going to wonder what you’ve been missing out on.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can use to make sex more exciting, along with utilizing a potent natural enhancement supplement such as HerSolution. Combining a dose of the potent supplement with a few of these new moves can be the perfect recipe for the wild nights that you and your partner are craving.

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