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Question by luvinallmappl: does anyone know where would be a good place to take a vision quest around san jose, CA?
i need to consult the spirits and gods about some things but im only 16 and cant get around very easily. any advice?

answer only if u know wut im talking about! this is serious!

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Answer by interpolated_panda
No, I don’t know where you could do that. But I do know the names and numbers of a few good psychiatrists if you would like them.

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3 Responses to does anyone know where would be a good place to take a vision quest around san jose, CA?

  • wartz says:

    Take Alum Rock Road east then head up Mt. Hamilton to where the big telescope is.

  • Auntie·Christ ·?x?x?· says:

    If you’re able to drive out of the city just a little bit, Muir Woods is a really beautiful place to do something close to what you’re planning.

    It’s right outside of San Francisco, so it’s not too far from San Jose.

  • Frau Asher Cat says:

    answer: Auntie is right. Muir woods is magnificent and there are some trails that don’t get a lot of foot traffic, especially during the week. I go camping there every July with other Heathens, it’s wonderful.

    Also, the Marin Headlands have trails that are challenging or easy. I had an extremely intense interaction with the gods on a cliff overlooking the ocean on the Marin Headlands.

    Safe journey!

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