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Question by theomega76: Dimethyltriptamine or dmt aka(phalaris grass alot of others plants also)?
okay i was looking for some information on a free sample of dmt or somone that could send a sample to me i am over 3/4 south american (yes the ppl you see on the moveis that likve in huts in the middle of woods lol) please dont laugh at me these are just my beliefs but my grandfather wanted to take me on a shamanistic vision quest and dmt is what my tribe has been using for over 190 years so i was jsut wondering if anyone could send me a sample or give me a site where i can get a free sample and no it is not i repeat IT IS NOT illegal so please can somone help me out of you have any iformation please send me a email about or leave a answer please help me on this my grandfather and me can find no where in spokane to get it and we do not own credit cards in our house thank you everyones time

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Answer by Racecar Stevemus

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One Response to Dimethyltriptamine or dmt aka(phalaris grass alot of others plants also)?

  • bryant s says:

    it takes a crap load of of extract process steps, or you could eat mimosa with an maoi, which is dangerous. I’d say just use ambien, stay awake, it may not do anything, but its kind of religious. Next would be shrooms, a lot. Third would be potent marijuana and learning how to meditate and then smoke it, then meditate.

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