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Death Eaters In Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Nowadays, the one and only thing unifying the whole world is the upcoming movie of Harry Potter saga known as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which will hit the theaters in July 2009. This time people are even more desperate and eager to watch the movie because it has taken a long time to release other than its rest of the movies.


Important events have happened and described wonderfully in this part, so everyone is anxious to see how much the makers are successful in making the scenes of the new movie Harry Potter memorable for the audience. The readers of the Harry Potter saga are familiar with the term Death Eaters. They also know that their role was not prominent in the previous parts of the Harry potter series.


However, this time J.K Rowling has brought the suspense in the movie by starting the novel with a meeting of the Minister Of Magic with the Muggle’s (human’s) Minister and telling him about the strong position of Lord Voldemort. Then the scene changes in to the meeting of Severus Snape with Bellatrix and Narcissa, who are the aunt and mother of Draco Malfoy. Both of them are strong companion of Voldemort and part of his army (Death Eaters).


Snape offers comfort to both of the sisters by telling them that he would definitely help Draco on whatever task he is up to, on the Dark Lord Voldemort’s order. Snape is supposed to be a Death Eater and a close ally of Voldemort, where Dumbledore considers him his man and trusts him blindly.


Therefore, his position is very strong in this part, and by having such conversation with Bellatrix and Narcissa, he is proving himself a part of Voldemort’s army of Death Eaters. At last, Malfoy succeeds in giving Death Eaters an entrance in Hogwarts from the secret room of requirement, which was his task. Harry and Dumbledore are not present in Hogwarts as they are on a secret mission of finding Horcruxes (hidden parts of lord Voldemort’s soul). Their visit went dreadful and Dumbledore was badly injured.


When they apparate near the dimensions of Hogwarts, they see the dark mark, which are the mark the Death Eaters leave whenever they enters a building or murder someone. Harry takes Dumbledore to the tower where they have seen the mark and then suddenly Malfoy followed by Death Eaters after some time, comes in to scene. The Death Eaters include Romestra, Amicus, and Greyback. In order to save Harry from being killed or harmed at least, Dumbledore immobilises Harry by a spell.


Then Snape killed Dumbledore in front of everyone; Harry, Malfoy, and the Death Eaters. The Death Eaters with Severus Snape try to sneak away and then the actual fight begins between the Hogwardians and the Death Eaters. The Death Eaters spell many curses on students, teachers, and aurors and they too spell back.


Finally, Malfoy with his team succeeds in  sneaking away. We can see the role of Death Eaters being made prominent in this part. It is due to them that the whole story takes a dramatic change. It is because no one had a minor doubt that whatever Malfoy is doing, is related to Death Eaters’ letting in to Hogwarts. Dumbledore is dead, and Harry is left alone, leaving the readers and audience to wait desperately that what will happen in the next part. Hence, don’t miss to watch the upcoming movie sequel of Harry Potter saga.

Follow Harry’s adventure in the New Harry Potter Film when the film is released on 15th July 2009.

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