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Dali Universal Tarot Deck

Rating: (out of 3 reviews)

List Price: CDN$ 104.43

Price: CDN$ 65.42

Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Deck [With Book]

Rating: (out of 7 reviews)

List Price: CDN$ 34.46

Price: CDN$ 22.27

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8 Responses to Dali Universal Tarot Deck Reviews

  • Katrina Hovey says:

    Review by Katrina Hovey for Dali Universal Tarot Deck
    This deck is a gorgeous item. It’s absolutely perfect for any fan of Dali, because it gives them 78 original works of art to appreciate and delve into.Someone with a lot of experiance in tarot reading would appreciate the original and insigtful symbolism that stays true to the tarot, as well as love gold rimming. The box is remarkable. Many people might discard the box for a cheaper deck and use their own, special way of storing them. With this deck, you wouldn’t dare. The cards are very large, which means shuffling requires some getting used to, but the larger cards somehow seem more appropriate in a tarot reading.The deck is primarily spanish, with english as a secondary (major arcana are labled in both languages, but face cards are only spanish, so it might be worth remembering the spanish words for page and knight before doing a reading.) The booklet included with the deck is printed in 4 languages, including french and german.One note on the book: Don’t rely on it. Dali’s symbolism can be a bit overwealming and difficult to understand for someone new to the tarot, making this an intimidating deck for biginners. All the booklet has is the meanings of the major arcana and a small description the the symbolism dali was using for each of them. It also shows 3 spreads, but gives no information on how to read them. In fact the most useful fart of the booklet may be the 3 paragraph introduction. If you are a beginner and want a guide, use any book, teacher or online resource you choose to get you started, the included booklet would be insufficient.For an experianced Tarot reader, this is sure to be a delightful deck.

  • J. Horvath says:

    Review by J. Horvath for Dali Universal Tarot Deck
    This Tarot deck looks stunning. The Gold Boarders add to the awe of Dali’s Paintings. If you like Dali Art these cards are a must for you. If you do not actually use the cards it might be a smart idea to just get the Salvador Dali Tarot Book by Rachel Pollack as everycard is beautifully printed in full size on a full page. That way you not only get to see the cards but also get a little explanation of each. If you cant find the book, get these cards!! Highly Recommended!! Great Deck!!

  • Tamara Botzum says:

    Review by Tamara Botzum for Dali Universal Tarot Deck
    As a Dali fan and tarot reader, I find these cards to be a sheer joy to view, ponder and read. This deck is a prize for any Dali fan. They are beautiful as well as puzzling. They are not easy to read and shuffle, but it can be done. There appears to be plenty of attitude around this deck. And why not? Dali, after all, was all about attitude. There is a companion book by Rachel Pollack that is good to own if you wish to study these cards. It is out of print, but can be found online.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Deck [With Book]
    Ever since my eyes fell on this deck I was drawn to it. I am of Eastern European heriatage and it appeals to me. The artwork is beautiful and makes for great readings. I am one who interprets the cards and the artwork, as well as the meaning, when reading the cards, and this deck is wonderful for doing just that. I also love the feeling I get when I’m reading these cards. I can’t quite describe it, but it is special. Perhaps it is reconnecting with my family heriatage.
    I love this deck!

  • Tamara Botzum says:

    Review by Tamara Botzum for Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Deck [With Book]
    This deck has delightful illustrations and is a joy to read. I find this to be a pleasant change of pace from my Universal Dali tarot deck. If you want to learn tarot, but the Rider Waite deck is not your thing, I suggest you take a peek into this one. The size of the cards are pleasant.

  • Silvereye says:

    Review by Silvereye for Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Deck [With Book]
    Russian Tarot of St Petersberg is my first deck.
    I believe it is one of the best waite clone decks.
    Many people recommend beginners to start with a Rider Waite deck, but I think the artwork of Waite Smith deck is quite poorly done. Beginners who are looking for a good looking version of Waite deck should buy Russian Tarot of St Petersberg.
    The artwork is delicate and detailed. Conservative individuals should buy this deck as well as there are nearly no nudities.
    I strongly advise those who wish to buy this deck to buy the book written by Cynthia Giles as well. The text is informative and interesting. It would let readers look deeper into the symbolism of the deck.

  • Sami says:

    Review by Sami for Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Deck [With Book]
    I just got these cards, and I love them. I knew they were for me when my eyes fell on them. They are very beautiful, the artwork is amazing. The book that accompanies them is very helpful for learning about Russia and it’s history, and where the creator of this deck is coming from. Not only that, but they shuffle so nicely, and read VERY well. Highly recommended.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg Deck [With Book]
    This is an excellent piece of Russian art. Very beautiful, detailed and different from other decks. It includes a little book with a lot of compact info on how too interpret the cards. The only thing that can sometimes keep me from dealing with it is the fact that it is very dark.

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