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In this HD Voice Tutorial for Adobe After Effects CS5, CS, CS3 and below. We learn how to create a spell similar to that seen in Harry Potter. Like the Stupify charm!
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11 Responses to Create a Harry Potter Spell in After Effects – Part 2

  • jessin8D says:

    @canclerz no? it´s linux duhh (sarcasm-.-“)

  • canclerz says:

    Is this? a imac?

  • blueboy921 says:

    Hey 🙂
    I would suggest to make it also 3D.
    it seems that the light ring (which you made first, are pointed into the viewers direction, but the wand, is? not in the viewers direction, so you should move the Layer in 3D, so that the light rings are coming out of the wand-pointing direction…

    understand what i mean ?
    just for improvement 🙂

  • Miatpi says:

    @trencej Understand, but it´s just one is enough.
    I mean, if you create one? particle system, you can use it as a
    Displacement Map, without have hide it.

  • trencej says:

    @Miatpi Basically after making the sparks out of a particle system, Duplicate it, make the particles larger, and softer, then use that as a? displacement map to warp the background.

  • Miatpi says:

    But what did you mean with “a duplicate particle system”?
    And I agree what the rings whould be in 3d.?

  • MrAWebb1 says:

    Hey man is there anyway to save this as a preset so I can repeatedly use it? I’m planning? on making a duel type thing for school. I’m new to AE so I have not the slightest clue.

  • ilovethesimpsons8 says:

    seems? a lot of work for just a few frames but nice effect

  • trencej says:

    It really is. Its pretty good for a quick and dirty job, Not dissing it in any way, it was done quick for tutorial purposes, but with more time, would be much better. Wand would be motion tracked, ring would be a 3d layer, sparks etc would have been particle systems, a duplicate particle system used as a displacement map on the background, and the light casting would? be a lot more detailed. But like i said, good for a quick tutorial.

  • deavisdude says:

    THAT IS NOT BASIC!!!!!!!?

  • dawriselpitufo says:

    @DreaMOFLivinG no friend, I’m Dominican:? D sorry. and thank you and download it for essential 2

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