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*noise in the background is our 8 yr old and his cousin playing the xbox* He became frustrated at trying to share a desk with his 2 yr old sister. This was his third episode for the day. Kai 11.5 months old History of breath holding spells which resulted in a status epilepticus lasting over 90 minutes and 24 hours intubated in ICU. CT/LP/MRI clear EEG mildly disordered We are trying to capture his seizures on video to show his doctors, most of them seem to be simple (albeit severe) “breath holding spells” but others are definately more seizure like, of course those are the ones I can’t seem to get on camera! Because he has had a status epilepticus lasting over 90 minutes and a abnormal EEG he is on Epilim.

4 Responses to breath holding spell/seizure Kai 30-12-09#3

  • MarketMaker74 says:

    Did you have to go through medical tests to rule out seizures, reflux, etc.

  • cjm1351 says:

    I hope that your son is now doing better. I am online looking for video that I can show to my doctor that might reflect a recent breathholding possibly seizure related incident that happened with my 14 month old. Her older sister also had something similar over 8 years ago and her pediatrician acted as though we just needed to wait it out. They did finally go away. Much more information now it seems. I am very grateful to you for your post. Thank you.

  • greebledoks says:

    Honestly I think it is, he is having quite a few “almost but not quite” as in he cries and just when he would usually stop breathing and go rigid he just continues crying.

  • Gretchenfan76 says:

    I take it the Epilim isn’t helping at all? 🙁

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