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Q&A: “Please explain how emotions work in spell casting … for example never go to your alter angry.”
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Easy Witchcraft Spells

Article by Henri Chinaski

For those that came for the instant download for easy witchcraft spells please go to the download page Devastatingly Effective Spells!

Everybody else please read the article below.

Witches spells have been around for centuries. These spells have done everything from granting wishes to giving protection against evil. The more you study spells the more fascinating they are. Below are just a few simple spells for you to enjoy.

Simple Wish Spell:

Take 3 candles and place them on a plate surrounded by sugar. Light the candles and place the place in a high spot such as a mantle or a bookcase. Ask the angel’s St Rafael, St Michael and St Gabriel for 3 wishes.

One wish should be for love, one wish should be for commerce and the third wish should be a wish that is an impossible wish.

On the fourth day after you have cast the spell make your wishes public by either mailing your spell and wishes to another person, or posting them on a public forum or by publishing them by taking a small ad out in your local newspaper.

It is said that on the fifth day 2 or your 3 wishes will come true.

A Simple Spell for Protection against Enemies:

A Witch’s Bottle – use a regular 6 oz empty jar. Fill half of it with sharp objects such as tacks or nails. When the jar is half full urinate in the jar until it is completely full.

Put the top on the jar and seal it with tape. The jar should then be buried in a 12 inch deep whole. It is said that as so long as the jar is buried and sealed it will protect you against enemies and evils directed at you.

A Simple Love Spell:

This is for a young unmarried woman. Take the seeds of Butterbur herb and half an hour before sunrise on a Friday morning toss the seeds gradually onto an empty field saying these words:

I sow, I sow!
Then, my own dear,
Come here, come here.
And mow, and mow!

It is said that upon saying these words the young lady will see her future husband either in her mind or in person a short time later.

These are only a few spells I have come across in my travels. There are literally hundreds and hundreds more. I hoped you enjoyed them.

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Easy witchcraft spells Devastatingly Effective Spells!

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