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Asheron’s Call 1 released in 1999 is one of the first 3D MMORPG’s Online RPG’s and still continues to run to this day though it has changed quite a bit from its original design 9 years ago. Huge fully explorable 3D landmass, Twitch combat which allows the dodging of arrows and magic spells and keep in mind some current MMORPGs still don’t have this feature, jumping and basic physics engine, a unique skill system, early on a magic system that allowed you to learn spells through experimentations and monthly events that progressed the ongoing storyline… The emulator UAS doesn’t allow for much at this point, i was walking around in my undies and I don’t think you can equip armor yet… Using UAS emulator howto: There is a Torrent floating around online of this or ======== Howto: ======== 1) Download a copy of Asheron’s Call: Dark Majesty – at Fileplanet and install 1b) Download – unzip the client.exe into the Asheron’s Call installed folder from above and replace it **SKIP** 2) Download the following data files from – copy them over the files that the above Asheron’s Call: Dark Majesty created **(THESE FILES ARE NOT ENTIRELY NEEDED, they are used because the starting location in the database has you starting in the OLD training area which the above AC:DM installation no longer used, you can instead type !telemap 33.6N 56.8E during the portal loop to move yourself to Arwic)** 2b) If you have problem with

25 Responses to Asheron’s Call – Intro Movie and ingame emulator

  • Jnelk107 says:

    Yeah AC should really have a 10 years ago mode

  • eddy67 says:

    I’d do anything to play old school AC again. It’s not the same anymore, and it’s a real pain in the ass to get the game to work on my network. I’d give anything for an emulator. I MISS YOU AC

  • ssarshikss says:

    I allways wanted to play this game …. PUT SOME PANTS ON FOO!!

  • RyanDSeven says:

    Turbine, As a huge fan of your product, I feel the need to give my feedback on your game Asheron’s Call in the field of MMORPGS. I have played so many great games and yet have failed to find a game as moving, as interactive, and as good as Asheron’s Call. I have come to you today to request that you make this game Free to Play. Turbine is a truly innovative company for producing something like Asheron’s Call. Thank you for your time. Your Fan.

  • RyanDSeven says:

    I think we need to flood Turbine with letters of adoration of this game, and why we think they should make if Free2Play. I play RoM, a WoW emulator, and it does great in generating a profit while hosting a Free2Play game. However, RoM is not Asheron’s Call. Asheron’s Call is to great to leave alone. Go to Turbines website, and submit this feedback on Asheron’s Call!

  • Nedemai says:

    The have seemed to make this project private on Google Code. I either get the login page or a 403 forbidden.

  • RenoNalanthi says:

    I’ve noticed over the years… Turbine is vigilant as hell.
    They shut down the AC2 project that was out also.

    I haven’t had the chance to try this one out yet – hopefully it’s promising (or at least allows for equipping items).

  • Jangaboo says:

    there’s been some weirdness with the scene, WoW emulators exist and thats a much bigger more popular game but any AC emulator that pops up for some reason gets hunted down. This UAStwo was actually UAS2 but it got shutdown under that name

  • RenoNalanthi says:

    Thanks, Janga… hard to believe that this is quite recent.
    I just picked back up on my research for emulating AC after all hopes died with ElgarL’s Nostalgia project in ’08.

  • Jangaboo says:

    google UAStwo uastwo – Project Hosting on Google Code

  • RenoNalanthi says:

    It seems as if you can’t even find all of the files needed to even run UAS anymore.
    There has to be something out there that functions as an AC emulator (in full), but I haven’t uncovered anything in years of researching – just ElgarL’s attempt as he most recent (and now defunct).

    I bet whatever DOES work is underground as hell.

  • billfunky9 says:

    They should make a proper sequel to AC or a modern engined remake would be even better, a proper open limitless world, classless, skill based game like the original.

    We all know AC2 wasnt a sequel. Totally different game but for some stupid reason branded Asheron’s Call.

    A modern engined, AC remake, someone start a a petition. The MMO market is crying out for a game like this! WoW has made MMO mainstream and big money, the quality of Asheron’s Call would make it soon get noticed!

  • mwgowin says:

    Is there a workaround to make this work with windows 7?

  • SalSchwavach says:

    The site is back up 😀 so is the google source code.

  • seminarian001 says:

    UAS2’s website is unfortunately not working anymore.. I was following it religiously up until it went offline a week ago. I still load it every day hoping that someone restores it. Dang!

  • guenther696 says:

    yeah, i think so, or they won’t give out the full version atm about copyrights, not sure

  • vens1o1 says:

    whats wrong with it is that the people that emulated it didnt get time to finish everything

  • vens1o1 says:

    they got xp monsters and weapons working on uas2 only thing is is that they arent releasing it until everything works

  • guenther696 says:

    i already got the the server working, but there are no mobs. so i only can run around. whats wrong with my server??

  • TenchuNoTakai says:

    The Emulator isn’t what I can’t find. Your Zshare link for the client replacement doesn’t work and that’s the only piece I’m missing. I can’t get it to work and as far as I can tell that’s the reason why it won’t work. The only other location I found that may have the client currently lacks seeders.

  • Jangaboo says:

    there is a torrent from what i heard floating around online for the emulator

  • TenchuNoTakai says:

    That Second Zshare link doesnt work. Does this allow for self hosts multiplayer games in the range of maybe 2-4 -players?

  • SquaLLio702 says:

    Oh, how I wish there was fully supported private servers for this game. The blizzlike servers for WoW are amazing. Why can’t this be done for AC? raa

  • Jangaboo says:

    lol ya thats all you can do

  • Campernicus says:

    Is naked guy running around the only feature of the emulator or did you just make a bad video?

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