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Artistic Insight Into Making Your Own Tarot Deck

Designing your own Tarot Deck can be fun and fulfilling. Even if your artistic talents are less than masterful a fully functional, unique, and aesthetically pleasing deck can be created. Whether you choose to decorate an existing deck or create your own here are some helpful ideas to get you started down the right path.

Many people use the Golden Dawn Deck for inspiration. This is because The Golden Dawn Deck encourages people to design their own sets of Tarot cards. To do this, you can either copy the original design and redraw them with your own take on them or create your own deck with symbols and pictures from scratch.

Once you have settled on a design for your Tarot deck you should copy the design so you can construct your own. Your artwork may vary from the design of the deck you copied, but in the end you will have your own unique deck of Tarot cards.

Another method of designing your own set of Tarot cards is to color in your own deck. To do this, you can copy a set by tracing out the pictures on paper and then coloring them in, or by painting over the pictures on a deck itself.

You could use any deck for inspiration and many have made their own versions of the Rider-Waite cards and had them published. You may wish to create a brighter, more vivid, bold version of the deck or create a softer, more subdued version. Another interesting variation is to use psychedelic designs with abstract colorings.

If you choose to create your own deck of Tarot cards then you may wish to add your own special touches to them. These could be special symbols, pictures, colors, words, textures, shapes or letters. You may wish to leave out certain things when

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