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Question by Ganya: I did a tarot card love reading, what do you think these results mean?
I asked, “Will I ever find love?”
I drew three cards.
The first was the Lovers card.
The second was the Magician.
The third was the King of Cups.

It seems pretty straightforward (they’re all positive), but can anyone offer any insight and help elaborate as to how they connect and what they mean?

Best answer:

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
You will have choices in love so there may be a choice between two people that you are interested in. Be careful of lovers who are Jealous or possessive.

Choose your own destiny. Don’t let others choose for you. It is important you attract the person that YOU want and not what others have decided will be good for you.

Your love may be a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio but that is not carved in stone. He will artistic and creative and will have a helpful personality and want a good home life.

You didn’t ask for a timing so I didn’t do one. I would suggest you begin to use the Law of Attraction to begin manifesting this love.

Best wishes

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