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Question by Daniela: Are the nature sound recordings music belonging to the New Age spirituality?
Question: I am listening to nature sound recordings on CDs : birdsong, river sound, ocean waves sound, sound of the rain forest while I try to think to nothing and relax. Does that mean I am practicing yoga?

Answer: No, it means you are listening to new age music

Is this true? Am I listening to music belonging to the New Age spirituality? If so, tell me, because I don’t like New Age spirituality. Please respect my likes and dislikes.

Best answer:

Answer by prairiecrow

No, nature sounds are not “New Age”. They’re NATURE SOUNDS. Nature sounds aren’t affiliated with a particular spiritual path.

If you enjoy it, it’s perfectly harmless and you shouldn’t worry any more about it.

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One Response to Are the nature sound recordings music belonging to the New Age spirituality?

  • Pgn~Logan says:

    Does it really matter if it’s New Age or not, I assume you will not stop listening to it if it were considered so.
    But, alas, no though nature sounds are sometimes used in New Age spirituality they are not New Age per se (by themselves)
    But the way you are using them is a form of meditation which is what most cultures, even christians use for higher prayer

    may i just ask why you do not like New Age spirituality?

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