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Sacred Sex
by rhaaga

Steps For A Good Relationship: Sacred, Sexy And Sublime

In discovering the steps for a good relationship, at some point we come face to face with the question of union, not only with a partner, but with some sort of divinity as well. And in taking those steps for a good relationship, whether or not you consider yourself a spiritual seeker, there exists in all of us a part that longs – through the unique song of our human lives – for some aspect of divinity or enlightenment.

But steeped as we are in the influence of patriarchal religions, as we step our steps for a good relationship, is there room for “enlightenment” and “sex” in the same sentence? Can embracing your sexuality lead you to enlightenment? Can pleasure save lives?

With these grand questions in hand, I talked with some of New York City’s pioneers paving the way for enlightened sex in the city: Regena Thomashauer, creatrix and CEO of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, known reverently by many as Mama Gena, as well as Richard “Anton” Diaz, founder and CEO of Sexy Spirits and sex educator and co-founder of Cuddle Party, Marcia Baczynski. Although admittedly varied, each offer an approach to “enlightened sex” that is profound, life altering and lasting, with quick-acting results. Their approaches are built on integration and inclusion, on embracing humanity and sacred sexuality, rather than disconnecting from it. They remind us that enlightenment is our very nature, our birthright, more available than we’ve ever dreamed. We just need some good solid tools to point us in the right direction in order for our brilliance to shine through. In the section of my website, Sexuality AS Spirituality, I offer these very tools, as well as some at-home practices for you to try out in the laboratory of you

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