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Spells That Can Bring About Healing

Sometimes in life it is hard to maintain a good relationship. Sometimes we need an edge and maybe a little magick. In this article you will learn how.

Relationship Renewal Spell


1 large red candle

1 long red candle

1 small red candle

1 long white candle



Form a triangle with the red candles. Light the white candle and circle it around the triangle while saying the following aloud:

Bring back to me the man/woman in my dreams,

Wash away the separating things that teem.

The difference between us was not as it seemed.

Light the first red candle (doesn’t matter which one) and say aloud:

Bind us together with invisible rope,

Bind our hearts, by love and hope.

That the differences between us, we can cope.

Light another red candle and say aloud:

Let all of these harms be undone,

That weighed us down since time begun

And to the end of time, make us a total sum.

Light the final red candle. Put the white candle in the center of the triangle and the spell is completed.

Simple Confidence Spell


1 shell

1 yellow candle


Light the yellow candle and hold it in your hand while you say aloud:

Please send me confidence

To be able to do my best.

I failed this task once

But now I’ll rise above the rest.

Ward Off Depression

Note: This spell should not be used for those who have been diagnosed with clinical depression and require medication. It is meant to work on situational, or short term, depression.


Protection incense (available online or in New Age shops)

1 yellow taper candle


Set up your work area somewhere that it can remain undisturbed for three days. Before you begin, bathe in your favorite salts and concentrate on your purpose and how wonderful it is to be happy. Do not allow any negative thoughts to enter your concentrated mind.

At your work area, trace a circle around your alter in the air with your predominant hand. Light the incense. Imagine that a large ball of yellow light is around you and the altar. Hold the candle between your palms and focus all of your positive thoughts into the wax. Place the candle in a holder and say aloud:

This candle is representative of the love and energy I have for myself.

Light the candle and say aloud:

With this candle that I light,

The veil of darkness will take flight.

The darkness ceases as the flame glows,

My happy thoughts shall only grow.

As to the wax it does burn

My spirits lift and fates return.

Happy, peaceful and light shall be

My way of life eternally.

Watch the candle burn and focus on the image of the darkness lifting from your mind. When the candle has burned down about a third of the way, say aloud:

As the flame is extinguished of its light,

The light will burn eternal in my mind.

Blow the candle out. Repeat this ritual for two more nights. On the last night, when there is only bits of wax left of the candle, throw the remnants away and your depression will go with the wax.

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