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Why Metaphysics? Part 2

Basically, arrogance is an inferior attitude masking as superiority. Inferiority or superiority complexes are both egoic expressions. The human ego often wishes the Self to appear what it is not. Even if we knew a lot, if we have read a thousand books, studied under countless Gurus, have permanent contact with a Cosmic Master, experienced a 1001 delights and terrors, meditate constantly, possess the world, or are powerful in some psychic way, it still does not give us a reason to egoically compare others with ourselves, or to judge them–by seeing others as inferior to us, by labelling them as bad, low, and vile. Many so-called spiritual teachers still do this. They criticize and condemn others without realizing that, spiritually speaking, there is no separation between others and themselves. What we see in others also lies below the conscious threshold within ourselves; what we do to others, we also do to ourselves, what we think of others, we also think of ourselves. What another is doing in the present we may well have done so ourselves in the past or perhaps will do so in the future. There is no need for judgment but a lot of need of mercy, understanding, and tolerance. Essentially, a spiritual being will not indulge in the judgment of dualistic concepts and the relativistic opposites such as good and bad, right and wrong, rich and poor, strong and weak, etc. These things are reconciled or transcended by the mage. St. Paul once said that if we owned the world and all powers and gifts of the spirit but lack love we were nothing. This is felt by all true spiritual teachers and practitioners.

Metaphysics should not be confused with the paranormal nor with parapsychology. The paranormal and parapsychology are

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