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Virtual Comfort Of Tarot

I recall those feelings of expectation and need for reassurance and a hope that the cards would predict success in love and money.

My own experience gave me an understanding of what most people want and expect from a tarot reader, so I am permanently reminded to treat my clients with respect and share the messages in the cards with gentleness and sincerity.

The vast majority of people who visit my website, TanyaTarot, are women, and the issues they wish the cards to address have a common theme. They are mostly looking for guidance in the area of love and relationships, and reassurance that they can and will be happy.

If you are studying Tarot, and wish to read the cards for others, I believe that a sense of responsibility for how you translate the messages in the cards and what you say to people is of paramount importance.

When physically sat in front of a person, you are able to communicate so much through your gestures and your vocal intonation, but providing tarot readings over the phone is a little more challenging.

The internet is a fabulous world which enables us to communicate with people all around the globe, but in this virtual world there is always the danger of disassociation, for your clients may simply appear to you as a series of words on a computer screen. I try to never forget that behind every email and every order is a human being

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