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new age movement
by dbking

The New Age Movement

“New Age” is a term seen frequently in personality-development books and magazines these days. They claim that we are in an age when humans can take total control of their bodies and minds. Contrary to what the name suggests, the New Age Movement is a very ancient Cult, and they claim it to be “New” only to deceive people. Plenty of Christians have become spokesmen and agents of this movement without realizing it for what it is. The New Age Movement has its origin in Satan who promised to Eve that by eating the forbidden fruit, she would become “like God”. Realizing this promise is the basic promise and quest of this movement.

The pursuit to become like God became an organized movement with Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. There one observes the seeds of the first one-world religion and government, both contrary to the course of human history as decreed by God. Consequently, God dispersed this movement. Yet Satan, the architect of this movement, continued in his struggle to raise up another all-world religious and political union. The story that unfolded in the millennia that followed is quite complex, but what one needs to know took place only in about one century.

Since time of the dispersal at Babel, there was no convenient communication-medium available to Satan to influence all the people at the same time. However, mass-media took a massive leap towards the close of the last century. The beginning of the twentieth century brought cheap newspapers, books, radio, TV, Telephones, CDs, INTERNET, and other mass-media tools. Such means to contact a large population effectively, economically and trans-linguistically  became available for the first time after Babel. Thus the millennia old Satanic efforts started

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