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RuneScape Magic Skills

At the minute I am getting my magic up and this is a little note for beginners!

At the moment I am getting my magic up on the popular world wide game… Runescape here are a few tips on getting your magic up yourself

Step 1:

Cast air strike on chickens these can be found by following the road that goes from Lumbridge and up (not across river!)

Step 2:

When you have gone up to level 10 now you can start training but a big more boring way:

If you are new to Runescape I advise you to look at the world map… (can be found near the *Run* and the *Compass* buttons on Runescape… looks like a globe

Then follow the map until you are in Varrock this is simple to get to just when your in Lumbridge go out of the castle entrance courtyard then across the river along the bridge now just follow the dirt track up the road until you come to a bit where there is a traveling trader when you are here turn left (not right!) and follow this path… now when you get to a grain field turn right (not left or you will walk into a fence!) then walk up watch out for a circle of stone with some guys with hoods on these are Black Wizards or (bad wizards) these will automatically attack you if you are a beginner.

Now you will walk into a huge city called Varrock through a stone wall there will be guards but they will not stop or harm you… then you need to keep going in a straight line all the way though the city until you get to a palace you will see another entrance courtyard like the one in Lumbridge but there will be around 3 Guards and 1 Person mabe. then you need to keep walking through the doors into the castle (Varrock Castle) then when you get to a set of stairs DO NOT WALK UP THEM  Now walk to the right of the stairs and look around using the arrows on your keyboard… now you need to find a little cage behind the stairs this has a man wearing red robes in it he is a Monk Of Zamorak; Zamorak is a god one of the three main gods of Runescape you cast all your spells on him and he will never attack you back! is an Online Runescape Store,You Can Buy Cheap Runescape Money,Runescape Gold,Runescape Power Leveling,Runescape Items,Runescape Accounts,Runescape Equipment Service!

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