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Metaphysical Programs – Common Studies

Find Metaphysical Programs in the United States and Canada. Presently, there are several educational options for students – whether individuals choose to become certified as a spirit medium, intuitive practitioner or spiritual healing practitioner, these metaphysical programs as well as Associate, Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degree programs are available to those students seeking an alternative education.

For example, metaphysical programs that teach candidates how to become a spiritual healing practitioner or spiritual counselor involve training and education in spiritual counseling, care giving, inner peace healing, spiritual guidelines, how to relinquish fear and anxiety through love and through inner guidance; meditation techniques, among several other related topics. While some of these particular metaphysical programs can be completed on-campus in less than two years, a number of healing arts schools offer these courses through home-study programs as well.

Another one of several metaphysical programs is an Associate in metaphysical healing arts course. In this course of study, students learn how to metaphysically facilitate energy and the mind towards health and healing; how to develop intuition and spiritual awareness, self-hypnosis, dream interpretation, Reiki, chakra balancing, visualization techniques, aura healing, meditation, prayer methods, and other associated subject matter.

Intrigued by the paranormal? There are metaphysical programs designed for the future parapsychologist in

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