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How To Do An Effective Yet Powerful Chakra Healing and Cleansing

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means circle or wheel, and it is used to describe certain points of energy in our bodies. These points of energy range from our groin, which is red, up to the top of our heads, rising through the colors of the rainbow as they go. There are a total of 7 chakras, which represent the points of high energy concentration or energy ports in our bodies.

By cleansing, healing, or opening our chakras, we can help get rid of some of the accumulated junk that builds up in our bodies or in our auras. This spiritual waste matter can clog these ports, affecting our health, our emotions, and our well being.

1) What are Chakra Blocks

Chakra blocks can come from emotional issues, traumas, and more. Clearing our chakras can involve dealing with these issues, but is mostly a meditative process that involved moving and dealing with energy.

If you are inexperienced in chakra work, it can be beneficial to have someone else help you with your first cleansing, guiding you through the process or even doing the cleansing themselves while you observe your energy flows to determine how what they are doing works with your energy.

With practice, it is wonderful to be able to do your own chakra cleansings and to take care of the blocked energy pathways on your own.

2) How to do Chakra Healing

If you want to do a chakra cleansing yourself, you can begin with simple visualization and energy work. Begin by imagining a root growing from between your legs down into the ground. You can feel the energy of the earth coming up through this root, and you can send your excess energy back down again

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