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FAQ on Yoga For Pregnant Women

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Hello, mom! We’ve put our minds together to come up with some of the most commonly asked questions relating to pregnancy and exercise as well as yoga for pregnant women, especially for you. Below you are guaranteed to find some useful info regarding an activity that is not only safe for you and baby, but extremely good too.


Q: Exercises during pregnancy – Is it safe?

A: Yes! Yes! Yes! But there are a couple of simple principles that should be stuck to without question. Firstly, take it easy! Remember that the little life inside you is dependant on how you feel on the inside. This means that if you are hot after a long bout of exercise, it will be too – and that’s not always a good thing. Secondly, remember that whatever you feel, your baby feels. So if it’s uncomfortable for you, then it’s very uncomfortable for the sensitive new life inside you.


Q: What’s So Special About Yoga For Pregnant Women?

A: The general benefit of yoga is not only a

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