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Experiences On Clearing Curses And Vows With Spiritual Response Therapy

In SRT, a curse constitutes a person sending destructive thought forms to another person. Be mindful not to leverage curses on someone else as you will retain the original destructive energy and other person does not necessarily automatically accepts the destructive intentions.

Curses have no power unless you believe and accept them as your own, and it can be a conscious or sub-conscious belief carried from past lives or instilled from one generation to the next.

Example of Curses

– Belief that one is cursed by God to have a challenging life.

– Belief that one has be cursed by another – if one believes that he/she has been cursed by someone else, usually the person would have accepted the belief of the intense discordant energies of guilt, self-punishment, illness and frustration. These energies may have been supported by other programmes running from past lives. Always check and make sure these are cleared.

Vows Clearing

Beside clearing past life energies and programming, SRT can be used to research whether there are vows that we have created in past and present lives.

What are vows? In the SRT Dictionary, a vow is defined as such:

“There are both positive and negative vows. Once the soul incarnates it has the potential of experiencing both forms of vows – positive and negative. Incarnation is your opportunity to work with energies and see what happens when the different energies are encountered.”

We can consciously or unconsciously create vows, though most of the time, the vows created are negative in nature. For example, if someone was hurt and made a vow with intense discordant energies, the message will be lodged in the mind. It can be a vow such as “I never want to marry in all my lives again” if the person had been hurt by a partner.

When the soul incarnates in the next life, the message still runs in the sub-conscious mind although the person may not have any conscious recollection of the vow. However, the underlying energy and sub-conscious programming may constantly cause the person to have fears about marriage.

Imagine this – a person being haunted by the same vow for tens of thousands of life times. It becomes a snow ball effect and the vow becomes more concrete and heavier and it will subsequntly become a belief for them.

By using SRT, we can identify what vows are present in our subconscious mind and soul records, and ask High Self to reveal the origin, energies that are involved or even identify the casts in the root life where we first experienced the vows.

You will be surprised that we can be running all forms of vows in us. For example, it can be heart vows (creating vows using heart chakra), hidden vows and religious vows.

Religious vows are taken by someone who has had a religious life such as a priest, monk, nun etc. They could have consciously made vows to God to take away their physical attachment, abundance and money or pledged celibacy. They believe such vows act as proof of their purity to God! This may result in one having a serious problem with abundance issues in future incarnations!

It is possible to have hundreds of thousands of lives in a soul record. Imagine creating one vow per life time. By now, one might have accumulated hundreds and thousands vows!

A vow can be positive as well. We can make a vow to Spirit and God to stay away from negative ego consciousness, to disidentify with lower desires and so on. For those type of vows you need not ask High Self to clear it as these are positive vows and will only bring good to us!

Reiki Practitioner, Healer, SRT Teacher and Energy Therapist.

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