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Break Out and Make Your Cakes Three-Dimensional

Birthday, wedding, anniversary and other cakes are always a staple at any party. However, most cakes except wedding cakes have been two-dimensional in nature for the past 30 years. Although, technically wedding cakes are tiered which means they’re already three-dimensional. Even now most birthday cakes you see are simply a cake which is cooked in a shape of a character or object. The cake is than decorated with icing to finish off the cake. There is now a new way to make a very exciting and eye-popping cake for your guests. The newage cake pan is the three-dimensional cake pan.

Three dimensional pans have been designed which are created so that your cake comes out three-dimensional. This means instead of pouring your cake batter into a flat and having a two-dimensional cake. You pour your batter into a three-dimensional pan. The cake is baked as you normally would, however, it will normally take a 5-10 minutes extra as the center of the cake can sometimes be thicker. Once cooled the cake can be removed from the pan (as before) and you can decorate it.

When icing the cake you must remember that you aren’t icing a cake you are icing the actual object. We recommend trying to keep the icing as simple as possible with only a few colors. If you try to over complicate the icing by adding too many colors the cake can sometimes be ruined. It is best to simplify and add more detail as necessary later.

As an example, in a two-dimensional pan of Mickey Mouse you would bake a cake with a face and two ears. Another option is to buy a cake-pan that is shaped as Mickey Mouse. However, the new option is to select a three-dimensional cake pan that when you bake and the whole thing is Mickey Mouse.

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