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Ayahuasca Experience

Many believe Ayahuasca is some sort of drug or something meant only to purge demons or cause you to face your fears. They believe it is some ancient guarded secret on how to prepare and how to drive an Ayahuasca Experience. This is actually not so true.

The recipe for Ayahuasca is very simple.. Chacruna and Ayahuasca. You can add things like toe or coca leaves, which changes little and really shouldn’t be done as the Ayahuasca spirit only wants the experience to be human and to expand it.

The recipe is so simple: 3 parts Ayahuasca and 2 parts chakruna for a potent batch (more chakruna, more potent). So if you had 12 kilos of Ayahuasca you would add 8 kilos of chakruna. Stack them in a giant pot in this order — Ayahuasca, chakruna, Ayahuasca, chakruna until you’ve made 7 layers.

But, the experience of joining consciousness with Ayahuasca is something completely different.

A painful Ayahuasca experience can only be beneficial if the patient or seeker dissimulates over the 5-10 days after the Ayahuasca experience, helping to influence the higher production of one’s own emotional condition.

That is why I, as the Shaman, will work to keep anyone I am working with in the “golden fiber”, which can thus change how the pineal gland functions.

If you are happy during an Ayahuasca experience and sharing joy, the Ayahuasca will show you the golden light and this will cause the brain to produce chemicals that will result in more positive feelings. The same goes true for negative or scary visions. It will cause the pineal to produce and unbalanced composition of emotional elements.

The Ayahuasca experience could still help a person who has had a painful ayahuasca experience if they connect why

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