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Peoples interest in the Metaphysical, Supernatural, Psychics, Spiritual, and even things like Telekinesis has begun to increase. The flux and flow of this has been apparent for years now, as this wave begins to reach heights long since forgotten. People are beginning to turn around, and say, ‘what did we leave behind us? What did we miss?’ I think people are beginning to get this sense of change coming. Subtle as it may be, you can see and feel it everywhere.During this time, a lot of fingers often point to 2012, but I can’t say that’s it specifically. 2012 is often associated with an apocalypse of sorts, and shortly after “the end of days” is thrown around like there’s no tomorrow. But Apocalypse means, “A Veil Lifted”, likely to discover something that was hidden away. The Mayan calendar has been around for thousands of years, and to this day is revered as the most accurate calendar to date.

If we travel back a few thousand years, and managed to visit several cultures all around the world, you’ll find, they all believe in many of the same things. Like, magic. Each culture all over the globe has their own version of magic. Each culture had it’s own take of spiritualism. But these things aren’t very much apart of our culture anymore. Science has come along and swept them under the carpet, explaining away there meanings to each culture, as if it was some primitive form of coping with what they didn’t understand.

Yet there are several things that conflict with that. If these people where so primitive, how come so many cultures managed to build and understand this world around them to such a degree in which science today is still baffled. Science still can’t agree on how the pyramids where made, or able to recreate a calendar as accurate as the Mayans. On top of that, most of the things we have today, started out back then, and grew with time to what they are today.

With all that said, and understanding that our ancient ancestors where not as primitive as we made them out to be. How can so many cultures, that where able to do things, that still today we can’t figure out, all be wrong? The answer is, they can’t. They obviously knew something that we have forgotten about today. But I won’t say we lost our way, I would rather say, we tried a different path. This path did in fact benefit us. With it, we have new and more powerful ways to communicate, entertain ourselves and survive. Things our ancestors only dreamed of.

But, on this path, we have drifted away from things bound to us. Bound to our history, and bound to our very souls. And we continuously look back to see what that nagging feeling is, trying to get our attention, trying to remind us of what and who we are, and what we can do. And as of lately, we have used what we discovered on this path, as a means to investigate. We took science and pointed it into the unknown, to find the answers to those questions.

Science looked and scanned for the answers, and found very little, but just enough. Enough to realized this approach wasn’t fitting, and there was more out there, if they only widened their gaze, to see just a bit further. Through this, Quantum Physics was born. It takes a wider, more open look at the world. But the best part is, through Quantum Physics, they are discovering that it all ran in a circle, and is now pointing back to the beginning. Back to that fork in the road, to the path that we chose not to take.

I can only wonder what we will find, in the years to come as we begin to embark, on a journey inward….


by Anthony, About the Author

Deals with and investigates the Metaphysical and Supernatural, trying to find the answers like so many of us are. If you interested in learning more of your own potential, you can visit his blogs for more information…

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