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The Real Magic is NOT in the Cards; An Empowering Secret to Effective Sales and Marketing Solutions

It was 11:54 pm and just a few days shy of the end of yet another month. My mind is racing with random thoughts of ‘what’ and ‘how’ type questions. I am searching to identify what needs to be done and how it should be done so I reach my business benchmarks and goals, which seems to be impossible.

And I am excited and ready to wake up in the morning and begin working my plan with a solid commitment of taking the necessary actions that move us forward win both growth and profits. Yes, reaching our benchmarks and goals this month is my priority.

Now a moment ago I mentioned, “this seems to be impossible.” But don’t misinterpret what I said. Remember, our perception and how we respond to what happens makes the biggest difference in our attitude, which DOES affect the outcome of our actions.

When I said impossible, I say it with great excitement because I am actually not saying the word in the way most people do. I am saying “I M Possible” – Do you see and hear the difference?

At this late hour, as I am planning tomorrow’s actions, as well as beginning my next 90 day plan. Part of my 90-day plan includes the next month (30 days of action). I have a benchmark and a goal… and in asking the crucial question of “What can I do to make certain I reach the 30 day goal?” I reached for my card deck of sales and marketing solutions. I shuffled the cards and then picked card #7 – lucky #7! It was like magical solutions to my challenge.

Here is the surface solution:

Mediocrity is NOT the answer. Do not settle for mediocrity. Go the extra mile.

On the flip side of the card, I get a great heavy hitter secret of “Lead by example and lead with action.”

This is simply powerful!

The fact is there truly is magic in these cards and that magic is what was revealed to me as I took the surface solution to the next level. I asked, “what does this means?” I now have the real solution that will help me make the next 30 days happen with great success.

Taking the surface solution to the next level really empowered me internally and what I came up with in just a few short minutes was a detailed action plan that begins with the actions I begin taking tomorrow morning as I begin my week of action.

I encourage you to do this same exercise for yourself. It is powerful and works like a charm. Keep in mind as you develop your plan of action, we are not talking a 60-page dissertation. In fact, we are not even talking 6 pages. Your plan only needs to be a paragraph or two of information and it should not take you more than 5 to 10 minutes to draw up this powerful plan.

If you need help developing your plan, just ask for help. And remember, you are the most important component of your success. Now get out and make it happen!

Jeff Zalewski is a Certified Training Consultant & CEO of Direct Selling Academy, Inc., your training & performance improvement resource. Jeff intertwines his knowledge & in-the-field experience throughout his training and performance improvement resources. Subscribe FREE to his Direct Selling Pro eNewsletter at

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