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Skyrim Kinect is my latest PC game adapted to work with the Kinect. It allows for full character control using both gestures and voice. Update: I’ve been reading your comments, and you guys have been very positive! There’s always going to be debate over motion controls, so keep the discussion going. It sounds like you guys have really enjoyed? the voice controls. Lucky for you, a new video is in the works, which includes Fus Ro Dah, and the ability to perform any shout you know, on the fly. Also, the new voice commands now include drinking potions and more spells. Video coming soon, so please subscribe! Cheers. The gestures are simple and intuitive, yet allow for gameplay depth never before seen with the Kinect. Simply swing your right arm forward, up, left, or right, and your character will hack with his sword. Or, if you have a spell in your right arm, simply raise your hand or push it forward to cast. Use your left arm to control your character’s view; if you have something equipped like a spell or shield, your left arm will control that as well. Movement is also easy. Put your right foot just inches forward to run, and even further forward to sprint. Your left foot forward switches to a slow walk, while leaning left, right, or back moves your character in that direction. Reach down with your left arm to draw or sheath your weapon, reach down with your right arm to activate objects. Crouch to sneak, and raise your right foot to jump. This established gesture-based

Skyrim Gameplay - Illusion Ritual Spell ( Master Illusion Text Locations)

Please read!!!!!!!! If you do not see a book its possible that you moved it without actually seeing it. Check around that room to see if its on the floor or in the corner or something.
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