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Deep in the heart of the Amazon, a Shaman shares the healing plant medicine with several souls. Clip taken from the movie “Plant Teacher – Ayahuasca Expedition” which premiered at the 2003 Latino Film Festival.

Entheogens have long been a part of Human Culture. During the latter years of civilization, mankind have since tried to block from their memories, that it was entheogens and other means of experience being their MASTER teacher, and have since tried to abolish it. Let Experience be your master teacher, and let mother earth , through the fruits of her body, facilitate that experience. ***NOTICE*** For educational Purposes only! All rights reserved to the original owners of this media.
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24 Responses to Plant Teacher – Ayahuasca Expedition – 1 of 5

  • Benediction91 says:

    hey does anyone know the tune in the background?

  • rizlas2 says:

    in Lima, we say: NO MORE! lmfao….Spanglish



  • 510shyt says:

    you guys are beast..yo man im from the bay too, hook it up with some info on the spots to go to in peru for an ayahuasca cermony.


  • hamiltonartist says:

    the rapping fucking sucks… Jesus.

  • WeirdGirlPhotography says:

    Who sings the Reggae song?

  • SoloRaven says:

    The coming dictatorship will make all totalitarian regimes pale in comparison!

  • patboyuk says:

    Do you mix the vine with chacruna leaves to smoke it. How many hits do you take?

  • Electronikiller says:

    You need to take it with an MAOI like harmine (harmaline?) and it needs to be boiled down… definitely something you should do with someone who has experience brewing it right.
    You can also smoke it as well, but the effects only last about 15 – 20 minutes or so but it is a helluva lot more intense when smoked. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • zanight says:

    I think that is your own decision, just feel ready to start the xperience and enjoy the trip, but do it counsciously, in a spiritual way, not like a normal drug expirience, because it show us that the matterial world is just a part of the fantastic universe inside us.

  • Wayshower1982 says:

    It is a bit pricey for me at this moment. But I would love to do it at some point in my life.

  • astralwalk says:

    Dont know if youve done it yet, but i would strongly advise going on an ayahuasca journey into the spirit world with a trained shaman or spirit guide.

  • TheTruthseekr says:

    I will be posting some sacred icaros and if you can down load them burn them on a cd then you may play them while you are on ayahuasca. do it in the pitch dark, it works best. Dont curl up on the ground in a weird position, it can hurt your stomach. Good travels.

  • TheTruthseekr says:

    oh and be ready to purge, meaning you will throw up so have a bucket for that and you will also shit so if you are in nature have a bucket for that.

  • TheTruthseekr says:

    Ayahuasca requires or works best if you do not expect anything of it, or anticipate anything. When you approach the moment of taking it, respect for it is very important in my view. Also the thing that makes it work the best is singing to it, with certain icaros (songs) that have been taught to the shaman by the plant. The most important thing also is to have an intetion before you take it, so think about what you want to learn, healing, telepathy, overcoming ego, talking to god, and you will

  • 3y3S9y says:

    not necessary to have a ritual. if your doing it for spiritual purposes, as your name implies, then a ritual, self created, would please the Vine spirit. She enjoys it when you approach her with respect and reverence and it reciprocates in her teaching. Also don’t forget the dieta, not necessarily the foods to stay away from, but the spiritual aspect, spend much time meditating, being outdoors, away from “everday distractions” everything is a lesson, the dieta to the brew

    love and peace

  • Wayshower1982 says:


  • willsyx says:

    the ritualization has a lot to do with set and setting.
    you could just take it, but it does give it a mystical streak if you have a ritual for it

  • Wayshower1982 says:

    Does Ayahuasca intake has to be accompanied by a ritual of some sorts?

    I have already purchased it and it is on it’s way to me
    Now, Do I really need to go to Peru to experience it?
    Honestly I do not think so, but maybe someone could explain it to me, better.
    thanks and have a unraveling trip.

  • Rastadelperu says:

    el tio es un hip hoper jejjee

  • Vincinaty says:

    good freestyle session

  • mmmaynez says:

    what is the music?

  • Tenatiouz says:

    Np buddy

  • shamannofthedead says:

    i thank you for posting these!

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