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Health, Fitness & Anti Aging

As the human lifespan lengthens, we have to think of new ways of aging. We will start to experience new things in our lives, and we will want to start to confide in pros if we feel our relationships with our partners, families and friends start to have barriers. We will want to continue to learn and to develop new interests. We don?t ever want to forget that the heart is also the symbol of what makes life worthwhile, in addition to keeping us going.

The decisions you will make today, and whatever you do this year will possibly halt or even reverse many common signs of aging. By this time next year you have the chance to be in great shape, and have more energy than you did 10 years ago, plus having fewer aches and pains than now. But you need to be aware of what those decisions should be.

We realize now, that there are actually 3 different ages:

Chronological age ? The total number of your birthdays.

Biological age ? What is the actual age of your body systems? Is your heart that of a young person? Or is stiff and laboring like someone with a lot more birthdays than you? How about your brain? Is it swift and able to rebound quickly? How is your memory? Or is your brain slower than someone half again your years? There numerous things you can possibly do that will help make a big difference biologically. These are the keys to the ‘Ageless Aging’ that you have probably heard of.

Psychological age ? this is the actual age that you feel you have reached? Some people feel like 70 when they?re only 50, while others in their 80?s act and feel like they?re still in their 60?s There are lots of things a person can do to feel years younger than they are. Research now shows that feeling better about your lot in

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