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Question by Mike: Your thoughts on CRYSTALS used in healing and the metaphysical “powers” of crystals?
We interviewed a gentleman for a position in one of our massage therapy programs who demonstrated how holding a quartz crystal near the skin could produce warmth, energy, etc. Frankly, I didn’t feel anything and have an open mind. Are the alleged benefits from use of different crystals REAL or more of a mind over matter deal? I feel if a person is open enough and “works” on their mental, physical, and spiritual health, that in ITSELF would help with the mind-body connection.
I’d appreciate your feedback on this topic.
I wasn’t going to purchase or use any of this. Just want your opinions! Thanks =)
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Best answer:

Answer by trucker dad
do not waste you re money.

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2 Responses to Your thoughts on CRYSTALS used in healing and the metaphysical “powers” of crystals?

  • eatmeat09 says:

    Like snake oil and witchcraft it is fraud at worst and deluded at best.

    The placebo effect can generate positive results and that is all that these people, some unwittingly, trade in.

    We are an insecure breed. The notion of magic and higher powers looking after us is reassuring. But nothing more.

  • peacelily says:

    Crystals are known to absorb and radiate energies.If someone has a crystal in their environment and they are habitually negative, then the crystal will absorb this energy, after awhile it will build up and start to magnify this same energy out.

    Therefore it is known in metaphysical circles that crystals need to be cleansed with salt or other methods to clear them of toxic build up. There is also alot known about the value of crystals amongst practitioners of feng shui who use them to harness energies of increase (like attracting more money) and conversely to keep things away that do not serve them (like people with ill will) These techniques have been practiced in places like China for centuries and have a solid foundation in metaphysics.

    The perception of energy is experienced differently from one person to the next. One person may not feel energy from a certain crystal, yet may from another. Some crystals feel “dead” others have a slow vibration that can be felt, others have a fast frequency. I have seen highly charged crystals emitting energy not unlike a lightning bolt in a very highly charged spiritual environment.

    Also just because they have been pulled out of the ground does not mean that they have become inert. I have seen crystals grow tiny clusters along one surface after being in a highly charged Reiki attunement environment for three days.

    Crystals are great to use in conjunction with healing modalities, although care needs to be taken when working with people who are very sensitive to energies. Crystals do have the capacity to take up a healing charge which can magnify the benefits of Reiki healing.

    Maybe the crystal selected had no affinity with you at that time and this is why nothing was felt. Hope this helps!

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