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Wiccan Supplies Essentials Part 2

Here is part 2 of what should be considered essential for your wiccan supplies list.

A wand is used to project and direct energy to a specific area, object, person,
or even dimension. It can be used for tasks like stirring a cauldron if its
construction allows this. In some traditions, it is used in calling the God and the
Goddess to join a ritual. Although traditional wands are made of wood, you can find wands today in a variety of materials.

The ancient Druids held woods sacred and tools from wood were considered to carry the spirit of nature. It is not suggested that wood from a living tree be cut to make a wand. A piece of fallen wood is much more appropriate as it can be considered a gift from divinity. There are few rules about the size of the wand.

Some Wiccans believe wands should be the length of a persons forearm and hand, but in general wands commonly range from as little as 10 inches up to 3 feet in length. Some people like to hold a wand that is more massive because they feel more powerful.

It is equally acceptable to use a wand that is compact and lightweight. A wand can be as ornamental or as plain as desired. Anything from a wand fabricated of sterling silver and encrusted with gems to a piece of tree branch still covered in bark is acceptable for use. Each will serve well if the person wielding the wand is comfortable with it. The only real concern is that it feels comfortable.

The Wiccan Boline
The boline is a white handled knife, which clearly distinguishes it from the black handled athame. In many cases the blade has a distinct curved shape. It is a simple working knife used in ritual or ritual preparation for tasks like

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