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Wiccan Supplies and Where to Find Them

Magickal results can be achieved without any tools or supplies. However, using tools and supplies add to the power of our mind by removing any negative energies and calming the mind while relaxing our senses so that our deep inner consciousness can work undisturbed to push forth our intentions with maximum effort.

The Pentacle is sometimes used as a focal point on the altar. It is also used to consecrate other tools or to calm the mind before rituals. The sign of the Pentagram when drawn on any item or tool is believed to cleanse the item of all negative energies.

The Broom of Besom is used to magickally clear any space from evil powers and to protect the house or other sacred areas from unwanted spirits. The broom may be made from natural twigs and leaves.

The Athame is one of the more popular tools. This is a long handled knife with carvings on the handles. It may be used to ceremoniously cast the sacred circle and invoke the deities.

The Chalice is a cup that may hold sacred water or wine. It is also used in rituals.

The Cauldron is a large vessel that is used to hold water or salt and may be used to make herbal potions or oils. It can be a regularly used kitchen pot that is cleansed just before a ritual.

The wand is sometimes made of a long twig or branch and is used define the sacred circle or to remove any negative energies surrounding the circle.

Some supplies are also used to enhance our magickal experience. They stimulate the senses and lead us into a relaxed, higher state of awareness. They also help us sharpen our focus, concentrate on our goals and boost our positive energy so that we are able to push

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