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Why the Best Horoscopes Online Aren’t Free

For many of us, the Internet is a mecca of free things. From free MP3 downloads to free ring tones to free porn to free screensavers. “Free” is a favorite word of Internet users who readily combine it with just about anything. Free anything is the motto, it seems.

No doubt the Internet is democratizing everything, and astrology is no exception here.

Enter online horoscopes, the unlikely but exciting intersection between technology and astrology.

When was the last time you checked your horoscopes?

Did you find yourself nodding? Did you wish to go the other way, and in effect prove your horoscope wrong? Or perhaps you can’t help but wonder how it is that a few lines of general-sounding prescriptions and cautions can be so predictive. And tempting.

Horoscopes’ appeal to people is not just because they are free, that they are widely available in dailies and magazines and on the Net too. Nuggets of advice just waiting for us to look into them. And we, well, we are inquisitive creatures, forever curious about the future, not just ours, but other’s as well—our loved ones’ perhaps, friends’, enemies’, anyone we come in contact with. We just have to take a peek.

Horoscopes offer us a neat capsule of our fate. They’re there, for free, and there is certainly is no harm in consulting them, so much the better if things turn out well because of them.

Free Horoscopes You Share with Everyone Else

But free horoscopes aren’t always the best. Daily horoscopes found at

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