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Question by Tiffy C: who guides me when i pick out my tarot card readings?
I’ve been getting very accurate infomation when i’m doing my tarot card readings. And I was wondering who is guiding me to pick the cards. I think it’s a spirit or sometimes a ghost is luring me. Is that correct?

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Answer by maggie w
Your higher self. Peace&Love be with you…~M~

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5 Responses to who guides me when i pick out my tarot card readings?

  • x*DatMixedRaceQueen*x says:

    I think its your instincts or if your extra lucky an angel is guiding you, or it could be luck, does anyone in your familiy have the ability to read tarot cards?

  • Intuitivechick says:

    The energy that the querant is supplying. We do have a lot of free choice; however when doing readings, you’re feeding off of the energy. That is why when someone else comes close, the cards change.

  • ShyAnn says:

    Spirit from grate grate grandmother’s cupboard

  • Sadhara Satguru says:

    Hello Tiffy

    We all have many guides in spirit, nothing is luring you, your quite safe.


  • Pink says:

    A demon actually is guiding you and attracting you to read tarot cards. Demons are very evil spirits and nothing to mess around with. The occult is very dangerous so stop messing around with tarot cards.

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