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When You Infuse Tarot Cards with New Meaning

When You Infuse Tarot Cards with New Meaning

If tarot cards could speak, what would they have to say? What are they meant to say? The tarot has been infused with every kind of meaning in its evolution through time, but what purpose should they serve and what would they have us believe?

Believing the same thing and attaching the same meaning to events hardly becomes possible for us, simply because we are such unique individuals. Our personal differences affect the way we perceive and interpret things. They say that some people are gifted, and maybe they are. These gifts come in the form of foretelling the future and reading fortunes. We sadly receive tarot readings either in the forms of warnings, omens, and bad tidings, or welcome them as good and pleasant news.

Around six centuries ago, the first tarot cards were devised for playing games and fun diversions. The tarot had symbolic meanings then, which people interpreted based on their own personal experiences. In the 18th and 19th centuries, this original meaning evolved in something deeper and darker, and this fascination grew among secret societies and occult groups.

To this day, when we talk about the tarot, most people can’t help but associate it with dark, mystical powers. There is such an air of secrecy and mystery about the subject. People still talk about tarot cards in hushed tones, sometimes with awe, sometimes with respect, but mostly with fear and apprehension.

Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown, of what we cannot understand, that keeps us second-guessing what tarot cards really mean. The opposite of love is truly not hate, but that of fear. Fear paralyzes and makes us numb; we feel less or none at all. But

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