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Question by Jackie: What kind of Tarot spread do you use for this topic?
Which Tarot spread do you use if you want to figure out how someone feels about you? I know about the 8-card relationship spread, but I don’t think this is applicable if you’re not in a relationship with someone already. Any information is appreciated, thanks!

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Answer by milly_1963
I would use a 3 card spread




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4 Responses to What kind of Tarot spread do you use for this topic?

  • KdS says:

    Pick your significators, and if it’s a romantic interest (doesn’t have to be an established relatioship) choose a king or queen for yourself and the queen or king ofthe same suit for your person of interest. Then shuffle, set one card next to each of the significators, and then in between place 4 cards.

    The card beside the significator shows the person’s position; the other four show what the person being inquired about is thinking of the other.

    You can also just pull a single card, asking what they think of you.

  • Miss Zoe says:

    I would ask yes/no questions.
    You hold your cards and meditate on one question that has a yes or no answer. Then you turn over cards (up to 9 cards) and see if you get an Ace. Stop when you get the Ace, that means, Yes. Reshuffle and repeat two more times. If you get one yes it is Ok, if you get two yes, it is strong, three yes- cowabunga! It dont matter if they are reverse.

    You may do this two more times at a reading to a total of three separate and distinct questions.

    If you get a Major Arcana card, stop and interpret the significance related to your question. Some people do the same for Court cards.

  • westpenninewoman says:

    There is no need to go for complex spreads. Tarot is a tool to a higher level of consciousness and can be uncannily accurate even when drawing only one card.

    Light a candle, meditate deeply on your question for several minutes with a Tarot pack in your hands.

    Then simply draw the one card to answer it.

    Sometimes the answer they give is not what we believe to be true. But they never lie! Why would they? They can only reflect the truth in our lives.

  • SadharaSatguru says:


    Most layouts will answer your question, the issue lies within the asking of the question itself.

    * see profile *

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