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Question by M O R P H E U S: What is the nature of knowledge?
Knowledge exists, right? I mean something metaphysical that our concept of knowledge applies to exists, right? Therefore, since it exists we should be able to talk about the NATURE of it.

What is the nature of knowledge?

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Answer by mtheoryrules
What is the opposite of entropy?

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5 Responses to What is the nature of knowledge?

  • steve_monroe_2005 says:

    Either I do not understand your question, or you are not asking a proper question.

    The reason no one completely satisfies the “What is the meaning of life?” question is because the question is flawed.

    Life is an aspect of nature. Natural occurring phenomena does not have meaning, only purpose. For example neither a tree, nor a rainstorm has meaning, but they have a purpose.

    Please clarify your question.

  • yankeegirl says:

    I don’t know if this quite fits, but to me, at least, the nature of knowledge is both the internalized thought process and the externalized evidence/action.
    It takes both…the thought process along with the external evidence that began the process to result in knowledge. Also, there are different types of knowledge. Descriptive and productive. Both take into consideration the external evidence, but the thought process that results in knowledge differs, one being only a generalized consideration of the thing itself, and the other being a particular in the changes the thing manifests.

  • : ) says:

    Consider abstract art, the artistry (artistic knowledge) is in how the materials are put together, expressed and communicated through the natures of those materials.

    Any subconscious / unintended expression of the artist may be discovered and then reverberated as appreciation (aesthetic knowledge). Almost as if it was totally irrelevant to the artistic skill involved.

    When we put water in a teapot, does water become tea or is the pot becoming a water-pot? Without any tea leaves, do they not remain separate as water in a teapot?

    Perhaps the best answer was given by Kant in Transcendental idealism.

  • Spirit says:

    The place of action [the body], the performer, the various senses, the many different kinds of endeavor, and ultimately the Supersoul—these are the five factors of the nature of knowledge.

  • NOFEAR says:

    The tree of knowledge is in our nature. Knowledge is just knowing about something, but really never knowing all about that something. For example: I know that this computer is a Toshiba with a 15 inch monitor.
    I have all these tool bars up at the top and such, but within this 15″ rectangle there is so much knowledge. More knowledge than I could ever retain or want to retain.

    This is my version of the nature of knowledge.


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