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Question by PostHuman: What is the best book for learning to read tarot cards?
I’m currently interested in learning to read tarot cards and was wondering what is the best books out for learning how. Also if anyone has any advise or tips for learning I would like to hear them.

Best answer:

Answer by gutbucket
Try “Tarot Cards for Dummies”.

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4 Responses to What is the best book for learning to read tarot cards?

  • -Lilith- says:

    It depends on what kind of deck you have. I use one specifically designed for my deck. If this is your first deck, start with one of the beginner guides for tarot, this site lists several. Try to stay away from any silver ravenwolf book, she’s pretty much rubbish. Anything by DJ Conway is great though. Here’s the link .

  • Li says:

    I have been into tarot cards for years and no book has ever really been that helpful, understandable or great even the dummies one lol. But, here is an awesome website that I use!

    It has spreads, card meanings, everything! Its fab!

  • Clever Carl says:

    Just make it up as you go along. That’s what the professionals do.

  • vid says:

    I would suggest getting the book “Power Tarot” because it does help those starting out a bit more than most other books I’ve seen.

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