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Question by Robert B: What is spirituality and how is it different from religion?
I often hear people in recovery and rehab say they believe in spirituality but not religion. Isn’t religion spiritual? Why for instance is spirituality encouraged but religion is not?

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Answer by LJR
Religion is dogma. Spirituality is the essence around which dogma grows. Dogma creates an us versus them mentality whereas spirituality unites around common beliefs and understandings

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5 Responses to What is spirituality and how is it different from religion?

  • Satya says:

    Spirituality encompasses and transcends all Religions. All Religions are Spiritual. But Spirituality verily transcends all Religions with non-duality and oneness of God in all beings.

    All morals & values are essentially view points. The idea of God is to transcend all view points, Religions, sects, traditions, beliefs and realise the totality i.e. all inclusive – oneness of God in every being.

    Spirituality takes you to God closer than any man made Religions. God consciousness and Self realization is acquired by Spirituality. Religion is created, misinterpreted and distorted by man (Political and Spiritual leaders) as a tool to control power, wealth and people. The powers of the nature in turn created numerous religious sects, traditions, beliefs and practices causing conflicts and wars between ignorant human beings.

    Physical action is far inferior to an intellect concentrated on the Divine. Have recourse then to Pure Intelligence. It is only the petty-minded who work for reward. When a man attains to Pure Reason, he renounces in this world the results of good and evil alike. Cling thou to Right Action. Spirituality is the real art of living.

    Pre-requisite to see the God is –
    1) Un-conditional love to all beings
    2) Surmount the desires, attachment and material possessions. Give up all desires and wander free from hankering, false ego and possessiveness.

    say YES to divine pure love
    say YES to loving ALL.
    say YES to forgive ALL whatever needs to be forgiven
    say YES to helping all – whatever help is needed
    say YES to action without desires, without expecting results
    say YES to action in the name of your favorite God, the Holy Spirit
    say YES to YOUR innermost fire of LOVE and accept the HUGE flow of LOVE that IS possible to flow through ALL OF YOU
    PRACTICE all above positive affirmations in all possible situations of life and as a positive result you will see progress in your process of LEARNING to LOVE and practice that ever increasing purity of love in all new upcoming and existing situations of YOUR life.

    May all the beings in all the worlds be happy;
    Peace, peace and peace be everywhere.

  • Anonnie Mouse says:

    Spirituality doesn’t require rules (dogma) or deities. It is simply the belief that a single individual is connected to the natural world in a way that is outside our ability to truly understand, and that things happen which are beyond our control.

    These principles are key in recovery.

  • Lori T says:

    Religion that honors God with our lips when our hearts are far from Him is hypocritical, as Jesus said Matthew 7:6. And, because so many today see religion this way it is often rejected. Spirituality is encourage because there is the mindset that it is the opposite of religion and therefore something that eases the “gut reaction” that many have to being “religious”.

    One can be religious without every being spiritual, but to be spiritual you will be religious. Why?

    1. A person who believes in being kind to others, being truthful and honest, and contributing to his community and lives by these beliefs is religiously doing what he believes is right. For him it may not be connected to any “spiritual beliefs.”

    2. To refer to a Chrisitan as “more spiritual than religious” often puts the focus on an intimate relationship with God apart from the rules, rituals, and traditions of organized religion. However, the very things one believes and does to maintain their “walk in the spirit” in a personal relationship with God will be what they do religiously.

  • cmhelp1 says:

    The living God is spirit, but religion is made by man for man.

    Scripture teaches; “But the time is coming and is already here when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for anyone who will worship him that way” (John 4:23).

    The LORD requires us to be in the spirit and to be in the truth when we communicate with Him.

    Be Blessed:-)

  • Renee says:

    People’s behavior changes when they have a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ that is real. Religion is just a practice of doing something regularly. People that go to church all the time but miss the relationship of a real fellowship miss the blessing of being spiritual. We are made of body, soul and spirit. Our spirit and soul drive us using our body like we use a car to get around. Spiritual is connected to the heart. Someone can play video games religiously, clean house religiously. Religious means regular. People often confuses this term with God and it does not mean spiritual at all. Find a good bible and learn about our body, soul and spirit. You can search this at

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