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What is Metaphysics and How Epigenetic Studies Will Change Health Care Forever?

Metaphysics comes from two Greek words translated as “meta” meaning “after” and “physis” meaning “nature”. The term nature in Greek has two meanings, the first “the sum total of natural things” and the second “the principle or source of natural things”. Metaphysics goes back to Aristotle, who believed a better definition of “physis” was “the essence of things which have a source of movement in them.” Metaphysics is then the scientific study of the source or essence of the sum total of nature. The Source is this original Energy or Spirituality and Nature being all things, as they are in the Physical or material world. Therefore Metaphysics is the science of reality, the source of nature, transcending the interaction between the Energy or Spirituality and Physical or Material.

This understanding of Metaphysics with more discoveries to come in the more recent field of Epigenetic studies; will bring about a major break through; between the interaction of human energy or our spiritual side and the physical body. This new understanding and evidence will be the greatest advancement in Health Care and Human Consciousness ever, as it is revealed over the next 30 years.

The revealing of the reality of your spiritual and energy side, together with the advances in scientific research into all the minute details of DNA, genes and chromosomes of the physical side of human beings will inform and enlighten scientists and spiritualists alike. As they begin to understand and research this relationship between the human energy or spiritual aspects of humanity and how they alter the physical structure of our DNA, genes and chromosomes through the science of Epigenetics

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