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Question by Happy Hiram: What do you think of this: The poetry of the tarot?
Back at ya. I see a glimpse of hope somewhere between Scylla and Charybdis.
What do you see?
Behind the beard I am Jabba the Hut.
Sorry to Shirley and anybody else offended by tarot.

Best answer:

Answer by Brent
what the hell are you talking about and cute face man

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5 Responses to What do you think of this: The poetry of the tarot?

  • shirleyf says:

    Sorry, my friends HH and Lovechild, I don’t believe in tarot card readings, etc. I only believe in God.

  • Wheelsqueak says:

    Alas! Sir Hiram,
    Consulting Tarot card is like dabbling with
    the Ouija board. Nothing good will come
    out of it, and it’s forbidden by God.
    Take Care.

  • Susanna says:

    Hm-mm. I see that Uranus is lined up squarely with Sagittarius, the Archer..**ouch**..:)

  • Helen says:

    Stop torturing me…I have enough decks already but this one looks really different and interesting.

    Sorry I don’t know where you see Scylla or Charybdis (or who they are for that matter), but it looks like something is going to change which could mean resolving the imbalance.

    P.S. The deck is a bit pricey for me at $99.95 plus shipping:-(

  • lovechild says:

    Okay. You are the King of Wands for All Eternity. Being a Queen of Cups, it seems I have been in a facade as the Fool. To fail oneself is the failing of all mankind, and so many need the empathy that I have inherently. I learned as a child to feel what others feel and to try to change the negative feelings and it was my joy to do this. I can not remember failures. Not then.
    But there is a blur in my memory. It is too intertwined and unraveled at once, the weaving of it is now just tangled threads that show what the tapestry is supposed to depict, but not its actuality. It has to do with a long trip in a bad place and a destination unpredicted and unmapped that ends up no where and makes no sense. And I do know the actual events, my abuse by my stepfather, blah blah blah, being alone in the cab of the truck with him, the camper my 8 mos pregnant mom and 2yr old baby brother were in boarded window so I can hear crying but they can’t see me and I can see the truck going up a steep snowcovered road with my stepfather drunk and weaving my mother so scared she was making noises that made me want to go to her but I couldn’t I was up way up overthe whole world looking at the truck and the snow and the road and I was holding them in somehow I had to make sure it was not going to fall off of the road… but perhaps that part was just a dream? But why on earth am I sent to this place so strongly now? BECAUSE AFTER we went to Florida for a few weeks? Months? No it had to be wait, we went in April and I remember this because it was my birthday when my stepdad was in jail and too drunk to give them any info about where we lived and I did not know so I had to wait and the cops were nice and got me a little cupcake with a candle and _________________________
    ___________________________________________________________________________ ok and then when we got back to Tucson in June because I got to go to my old classroom for two days before summer vacation, and it was for a moment the same but I don’t remember that summer my brother brian was born i dont remember it but i know i was there and the next thing I know I am not able to help anyone feel better anymore wait scratch that I am unasble to feel the joy of that I still soaked it up like a sponge but it stayed with me and being detached by my own sadness from the effects of keeping his abuse of me a secret and avoidance denial not that i knew that then but it hits me hard that I remember a girl who invited all of the girls but me to her party and when I with broken heart and the new experience of self-pity to go with shameful secrets asked her why she said…..because you are always so sad. And I have been able to recapture the joy and belief in myself that I once had in sporadic bursts since then but only when the approval and interest of those around me was apparent and the slightest criticism or indifferent attitude could take it away again.

    HH, that was the most extraordinary thing I have ever experienced from the moment I saw your email with this link to right……about……now. We can refer to this later and I have decided that i am going to immediately save our correspondences in case the willfullness of others makes them vanish from this place as it is so often inclined to do. Okay Jeez. GTG Thank you I hope you realize you have done something GREAT here that may even save me and make ripples not in the water but in the quantum state of life and the part you and I and all of us play in that…is enormous.

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