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Question by Sarah D: what do you think is the difference between spirituality and religion?
there is a HUGE difference in my opinion. mine is too long so im just going to ask you. lol what do you personally think is the difference between spirituality and religion.

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Answer by Secksay Jeebus, ASU Founder ASU
Religion is organized spirituality among a community.

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4 Responses to what do you think is the difference between spirituality and religion?

  • pappy12a says:

    Religion is an external entity…spirituality is internal and can’t be measured except by the individual

  • tigris726 says:

    RELIGION is for people who don’t want to go to hell.

    SPIRITUALITY is for people who’ve lived through hell and found the way out.(God)

    I choose spirituality. Do you?

  • tHE THRONE rOOm(TOP 10 TC) R&S ! says:

    (YES); there can be a BIG difference between spirituality and religion !

  • logjam600 says:

    It’s like an airplane; it needs wings to fly, wheels to land and taxi. Spirituality is wings; we soar and travel great distances, but, we have to come in for a landing to re-fuel and re-stock, and for that we need wheels; religion. In the near-death experiences I’ve read, they say Heaven isn’t particularly religious; not a church on every corner, and everyone going around all pious and so forth, but it is spiritual; people caring for each other, learning and becoming better people.

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