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Question by Vinyl: What are the healing & metaphysical properties of light Green Chalcedony? ?
True light Green Chalcedony ONLY please!

You can see it here: and here:

Blue Chalcedony
or any other stone mistaken for true light green Chalcedony!

Please indicate source with link. I need many replies so I can choose BA! 🙂 Thanks!
Thanks Surojabu. I still need more properties as that link has only 2.

PS: NO Chrysoprase I said! (Just don’t want to confuse anyone else)
No, that’s a fallacy about Chrysoprase. That’s why my question indicates “light” GC and “NO Chrysoprase”. Chryso. is opaque, dark green and blue has lots of black inclusions, see?
This has nothing to do with GC, despite the internet claims. One is light and translucent, the other, opaque, multi-colored and dark green! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by surojabu
“Chalcedony – (milky green) “A stone of brotherhood”, promotes group stability, alleviates hostility, Balances body, emotions, mind and spirit.”

“Chrysoprase: Translucent green chalcedony. For wisdom and depression. Placed on heart, neck, or on brow when meditating.”

“Green Chalcedony: Lets one let go of grudges or other misgivings towards others. Enhances unconditional love and understanding of others. The clearer the stone- the clearer ones’ perceptions of others will be.”

“Green chalcedony is told to focus attention on how to relate to others in a loving manner.”

Chrysoprase IS Green Chalcedony. Chalcedony has different varieties of color and when it is green, it is called Chrysoprase.

Chalcedony: A name commonly used today for any form of cryptocrystaline quartz, but in the narrow sense, it is specifically the bluish, to white, to gray variety, although it can also be brown, black, or blue. Chalcedony is found all over the earth, and has been used since prehistoric times for weapons, tools, and adornment.

“Chrysoprase: Apple green chalcedony that derives its color from nickel is chrysoprase. Ranging from nearly opaque to nearly transparent, its color spectrum includes olivey, to nearly pure greens of medium tone. Very fine, highly saturated pieces have been successfully misrepresented as Imperial jade. Most chrysoprase sold today comes from Australia. Prase is a darker, less saturated form, rarely seen, which comes from Eastern Europe. There are also very small amounts of a green chalcedony colored by chromium found in Africa, called Mtorolite.”

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2 Responses to What are the healing & metaphysical properties of light Green Chalcedony? ?

  • keltillos says:

    Have you looked through Scott Cunningham’s book “Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic”? It is the best reference for this type of thing.

    I usually use color correspondences when I use stones. I would use a green stone for the same effects as a green candle.

    Maybe Ray Buckland’s “Candle Magic” (written by a genuine eccentric Englishman!) would help.

  • peachyone says:

    “True light green chalcedony”….the first answerer is absolutely correct. The examples of green chalcedony you provide are A) an example used for its inclusion, which some find very attractive, and B) a reconstituted and colored example from China. Many Chinese beads and gems are questionable due to artificial coloring (“Cherry” quartz) and reconstitution. Do not trust that the quartz or “jade” they are showing is the real “as mined” thing (yes, chrysoprase and chalcedony are quartz). The “green chalcedony” picture IS chrysoprase. If you rely on Chinese sites (or sites which import Chinese gems) to provide all your pictures, then you may be misled. I would suggest you may wish to get a firmer grasp on the basic SiO2 group to see how they are similar and different from one another. When assessing the metaphysical properties of stones, it is a good idea to get a handle on the broad implications of the stone (quartz) and then take into account the color associations. This will give you an immediate idea of whether a stone is appropriate to your purpose. Any of the links provided can help you. Scott Cunningham’s book is also a good basic reference.

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