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This vid was sent to us from the Acorn Coffee club, a group of Ojibwe ladies up in Canada with too much time on their hands! Their description says, “Native Eye For the WannaB Guy Each week their mission is to transform a style-deficient and culture-deprived Waanaabii from pesty to zesty in each of their respective categories. * Commodity Dood – Fry Bread and Moose Meat Connoisseur * Rez Dawg – Double Wide Design Doctor * Cyber-Skin – Cyber-Culture DEWD * Chizzie Gud grooming on a budget * NDN Cowboy – Rodeo Fashion Savant Combined, our Rezzified Five experts have enough collective culture and style sense to power a rez-rocket to the planet Rez-tastic. Let them lay it on you in bite-size, easy to swallow caplets of wisdom, delivered here weekly. It’s a full lifestyle make-over! A make better show where Waanaabii guys turn in their man-bags, tarot cards and crystals for some good durable Wranglers and political t-shirts, learn about a lifestyle that isnt featured on television and come to understand why Rez folks are NOT laughing with them. When their spitchul journey is done, a freshly scrubbed, newly enlightened, less annoying Whiteman emerges. ”

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