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Visconti Tarots deck

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: CDN$ 34.95

Price: CDN$ 21.90

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2 Responses to Visconti Tarots deck

  • Uri Raz says:

    Review by Uri Raz for Visconti Tarots deck
    This is a recreation of the Pierpont-Morgan Visconti tarot deck, done in amazing colors. The art and colors are so delicate, I’m seeing this deck more as a piece of art than a deck to read with.As noted by a previous reviewer, this is *not* a reproduction – if you’re interested in a reproduction, you can buy the one by U.S. Games or view it on the web.The reproduction is rather large – too large to comfortably shuffle in a reading, and shows the damages done to the cards over the past few centuries.The recreation restores the colours as well as the four missing cards, including a devil card which is more faithful to the tradition of of devil cards at the 15th century than the replacement card in U.S. Games’ reproduction.If you want to read with an authentic & beutiful deck, I recommend this one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Visconti Tarots deck
    I was looking to have a second tarot deck and decided this would make a suitable choice…. I recived the deck and was immidately blown away by the these cards…. They among the most beautiful cards I seen to date. In fact now it puts me in a delimma, as I want to keep these cards for their beauty, rather than use them. Thus now I am looking to get a thrid deck for everyday use… I know there is the US Games version that is bigger, but bigger takes away their card-like practicality.I recomend that if you need to have a beautiful deck for use or for collecting. This deck is one you should seriously consider. But if after buying it you find they too beautiful to use, then I like to welcome you to the club of admiration of these cards.

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