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by wallyg

Using Tarot Reading To Interpret Your Dreams

The dream world full of symbols and imagery has long been a place of mysterious revelations. Many people use Tarot cards to decipher the meanings of their dreams. It is a very basic technique that can enlighten us and provide insight into this mystical realm of our psyche.

Dreams form the foundation of our conscious minds. Dreams depict the subconscious symbolic and pre-symbolic imagery that defines who we are as human beings. Dreams, in essence, are formed from the very essence of who we are. That is to say the subconscious defines our personalities like the silhouette of a peach defines a peach.

Keeping a dream journal can be an invaluable step in understanding your dreams. Although we dream every time we go to bed we often times forget what we dream about. Writing these dreams down while they are fresh in our minds keeps the imagery from slipping back into our subconscious minds and is essential in order to convert your dream images into Tarot images.

Some suggest using a hardbound notebook or journal to keep your dreams stored in. Others feel using a loose-leaf binder with pockets is a better medium to keep your dreams stored in. Many go as far to keep a personal digital tape recorder to record their dreams on so that if they recall a dream during the day they can easily record them onto the voice recorder. Whatever method you choose is entirely up to you and your personal preference.

When writing your journal try separating your dreams in to parts or sections. These sections should outline the imagery found in your dreams. Be sure to note any unusual environmental factors as well as these may hold keys to the overall meaning of your dream.

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