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Using Miracles and Fairy Tales For Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Renewal

Allow yourself to wander back in time when miracles were natural – when running on the beach and a speck of sand sparked splendid visions; when l you dreamt of traveling to Never never land, believed that the Emerald City was around the coma- and you talked to imaginary friends.

In each generation we have inherited tales that have sparked our imagination and fulfilled our dreams. Remember… The good witch that gently stroked Dorothy on the head and said, “Tap your feet three times and make a wish.” Dorothy clicked the heels of her red ruby slippers and whispered, “I want to go home. I want to go home. I want to go home.” Remember… Peter Pan hovering above Wendy and saying, “think beautiful thoughts.” So she imagined candy canes, snowy days and beautiful sunsets, and to her amazement she was lifted up to the embedded in it, moving through it, part of by Marvin Barrett, author of “Spare Days,” ceiling, out the large bedroom window and flew across the moon.  

Fairytales, legends and myths are filled with mystery and miracles. It is customary to read these thrilling tales to our children and stimulate their imagination and awe of life. However, after we tiptoe out the door we leave behind our childhood innocence and go back to “reality.” Our hearts try to hold tight to the extraordinary stories of virgin births, parting seas, candles burning for weeks on end and ordinary humans talking to angels and gods.   Unfortunately, the stress of daily living dims our inner sight and at times blows out the light. Tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, wars, poverty and illness are headline news. Sometimes we have to thumb through many sections of the newspaper before we find a story that leaves us with inspired goose bumps.

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